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Passionate about all things creative, Toronto-based Graphic Designer and Visual Artist Gabrielle Lasporte has been the creator of many diverse art pieces across many forms of media . She mainly designing works in the mostly unknown medium of Modern Batik (creating artwork by applying wax and dyes on fabric.)

Her new body of work loosely entitled “Life Flow” visually represents the cycle of our lives through colour and shapes. Bad or good, happy, sad, our lives continue to flow to its ultimately destiny. This is Gabrielle’s first full collection in abstract work and her first ever application of resin to her artwork which has proven to be a great success.

Gabrielle has shown her works at various events in the Greater Toronto Area including the Manifesto Festival Art Exhibit, The Square Foot Show, the Queen West Art Crawl. In 2013, Gabrielle was a sponsored participating artist for Toronto’s Scotiabank Nuit Blanche and presented “The (Re)Generator Project” at the Yonge+Dundas H+M Window.

A strong believer in making things happen for oneself, she has co-created the Déesse Collective which is a collaborated project bridging the gap between art and jewellery as well as presenting various curated events within Toronto.

About Modern Batik

Using traditional batik materials of water-based dyes, wax and fabric, colours are applied in layers starting from light to dark. More control is gained over the intensity of the dyes by applying them by paintbrush as opposed to submerging the fabrics within the dyes themselves.  This revolutionary approach allowed to create detailed, refined images with dramatically enhanced tonality, shading and depth.

Each section of the Modern Batik piece is toned separately using a technique called fragmentation. This modification adds increased background depth, broadness and a richer palette of colours to the artwork, allowing control of detail and richness comparable to that of any acrylic and watercolour painter.

It is then sealed with wax using a brush or a tjanting (tool to dispense the wax) to prevent other colours from changing it (known as wax resist). Once the piece is completed, the wax is removed to reveal a bold palette of colours.

These innovative elements are used to develop the art form that is called Modern Batik Art

For more information, please email at art@bygabrielle.com. Commissions accepted.